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My wife and I have been swingers for about 12 years and had good times. Once a year to go on a cruise with his old friend. Elderly and very prudish ! spankingtube Bee loves cock and I always tease them, like them, see if you can not get screwed. She always carries a condom in her purse and just one sachet of lubricant in case. Nothing ever happens on a cruise, but she just returned from this year and told me what happened! Apparently, the second night of her friend felt a little dizzy and he returned to the cabin early. Friend took some pills for motion sickness, suggesting that the effects of the bee and had to have a night of boredom in the face in front of the television. So I thought ' the grass ' and decided to spankingtube go back out there and some of the shows. wandering in one of the quieter bars on their own to have a drink and she was three men came to do an entertainment slot later in the spankingtube week we were standing next to it to arrive. One of them was orDering drinks, and told the waiter to take the bees put in your card. Never spankingtube one to turn a free drink, thanked them and invited him to sit at a table with them. Bee was in an evening gown cut low, no bra, she has big tits and fat do not really need. The dress had a spankingtube fracture on the side and had to wait naked black ups and a transparent black thong. continues to dress itself was open on the side of the division and at first she was embarrassed and got up. When I had a couple of drinks and if you guys are relaxed and open to let it know. She said that when she leans forward to hear what they spankingtube say, to open her dress at the top and the guys have a very good view of her cleavage, perhaps even nipples. Normally it would have been a little shy when I was there, but I said I did not know what they thought about them spankingtube and they have fun. Children and left closer to the chair when camback and the toilet and put his hand on his leg. Since we did not follow any object, the type of the other side. He clenched his thighs slowly moving his hand higher. The division side had his hand on his half and soon depth to the top half of lace. The objective is to be done his hand under his thigh made ​​him raise his ass and began to stroke her pussy from below. raising the stakes, the other was broken and slid his hand between her thighs. Clearly, at this time it was for nothing, and opened her legs with which it has access. She leaned back and closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of fingers by two strange men at the corner of a dark bar. Since the division had rested her dress had ridden before the legs and the man sitting across from that previously only able to spectator, leaning over the table and went to see right thro thong on the page so that one could get a good look at the swollen clitoris and lips open. The snapping fingers her clitoris, she asked if he wanted to return to his cabin with them, and she accepted. Her dress was created in an elevator full of depth on the boat, Snog each rose rapidly as the elevator. spankingtube S arrival in your room, surrounded and began his mouth tits, ass and pussy. The man on her back, undid the zipper and she came out of her dress. His thong was directly on her cheek was fingering ass, he still had his socks and shiny black heels lengthened. in the years of our swing, which had a couple with four pairs and one MMF few, but never had the right to three foreigners. The boys quickly put his clothes and returned to her. He knelt down and went from one to the other suck the cock deep into her mouth, she likes to suck cock, fuck no doubt as a sip of milk, but just beginning. With that in mind he went to the bed, knelt on the edge and offered her big ass in the air for them. I can only imagine what a spectacle for bent, it should be, my little slut wife in stockings gives three unknown holes. One entered her pussy, which said it was so wet that he slid into one round left, kneeling on the bed in front of her and stuck his cock in her mouth, sucking the other on the bed and put the nipple slipped a few fingers in her pussy with his colleagues at the cock. That's really started to arrive spankingtube and had a massive orgasm. These two guys are then mixed, and she took the other line. said she felt so dirty, spankingtube but it was love. In no time, everyone went into her pussy and mouth, and she asked in her pussy. Soon I was dripping with cream and ran her socks. One next to them started rimming also keeps in this dirty and get off very excited that she started. In his cock in her pussy to get it good and slipperyA boy pulled on his cock head ring. No stranger to anal, little by little came and soon came to her to see what they would do this, the other two took their turn. She said she now felt like a real deliberate CUMBUCKET, but that was love. Then the boys were spent, and they all laid on the bed in the series after Snog and feel the sauce is out of their holes. More than 2 clock leaving them, and got back into the cabin after they agreed to meet again, if they have a chance. Her boyfriend was still asleep and managed spankingtube to shower and wash their socks in secret. She said she left the semen in her vagina and slowly calm Frigga another orgasm thinking about what had happened. managed to beat back a couple of nights later, without having to deal with the drinks and go straight to his cabin, so spankingtube they can catch more. There was another guy there and this time got fully Shagged, DP'd both in her pussy and thenone in the ass and a pussy. It took all that come at least once in the mouth. Her friend asked me the other day why she had difficulty climbing stairs, and why he insisted that the use of the elevators! It is N when he returned and told me he was in it and only regret is not yet full of sperm. If you want to know their history, left me and I'll tell some of his other 'adventures'.
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